Search for Reality

There are numerous times when you go searching for answers and all you get is half bitten version of experiences and words capsuled with perception. Now think, how many times you question the truth of the experiences you had or how many times you have stopped in between something to check for reality of your present actions. Do we ever question what we see, what we hear?

Do we ever question the reality that is?

The below is a narrative of some of the my thoughts on Reality and its dimensions

Each second you live, is like a Polaroid picture – Well it’s actually a reverse Polaroid – The picture is most clear as it happens and soon after it fades away, as we overlay each picture with a new picture. Our mind is busy processing the accumulation of these images & sounds to give us what we call REALITY.

Now imagine you can stop the flow of Time, freeze the Picture, Pause the noise. If you were to investigate this Polaroid, you will probably see skies more blue then you remembered and the herd of cows passing by the road, which you did not notice earlier. The point that I am trying to make is; the reality we live in is hugely distorted by its imagery; it’s thoroughly cloaked with mindset and perception, of the one experiencing it.

Reality is distinguished by the one experiencing it – one event unfolding in front of two people can be interpreted as two separate realities. Imagine one event unfolding in front of millions of people – does that mean we have million realities? I think the answer is no. It’s not that the realities are multiple; it’s just that the observers are multiple each having their own version of reality. As each observer experiences different version of realities with different perception and different interpretations, that means all perceived realities are true, all coexist in the same space time. We also know that matter exists in space time and so does the observer – An act of observation made by observer towards matter in the space time makes reality possible.

The key point to note in the above statement is “An act of Observation” – Without any act of observation – in theory there shall not exist any reality. Let’s dive a bit further on the observation part – What constitutes an observation?  The answer can be found in two parts. The first part being that there shall exist an Observer & Observed and the second part is that the observer shall be conscious of the fact that he is an observer. We know that Living Beings are the observers, matter in the space time is the observed, what makes human beings a key element to the reality is that only human beings on this planet Earth have the cognitive ability to know that they are the observers doing the act of observation. In other words we are conscious being – conscious of our presence and the presence of the world around us.

If I have to sum up the perceived Reality, it would be somewhat like this – Perceived Reality is created by the act of observation made by conscious observer observing matter in the space time. Now that we have been able to define perceived reality the next intuitive question is how real this perceived reality is?

The answer lays in two different but yet so same disciplines.

Science: Events in front of you all relates to matter – Matter is everything that you can see, touch and experience, human body itself is matter. As shown by Quantum physics – the tiniest component of matter (electrons) are not actually made of anything with mass, it’s actually positive and negative charges. These charges sometimes behave like particles and hence matter and sometimes they behave like a wave. It’s the wave behavior which is a paradox. Electron behaves like a wave function till there is no observer to observe this nature. Once an observer is put in place to observe the wave nature of the electron – it then behaves like a particle. This is one of great paradoxes of Quantum physics that scientists are unable to answer. The simplistic interpretation of this phenomenon is that matter (or events) exists because act of observation is made and due to this observation made the constituents of the building blocks of universe behave like a particle. If the observer effect is taken out of the universe – The universe shall exist as waves of energy, science has shown that these waves will have a certain probability distribution and exist as potentialities and through an act of observation these electrons give rise to material world.

I see the interpretation of the above experiment as – Reality is crude potentiality until an observation is made which gives it a deterministic property.

Now the simple question that comes to mind is – who makes observation – The answer is consciousness (in this context mindfulness), which is involved in the act of observation that gives rise to a materialistic reality.

What is consciousness – We all loosely understand consciousness but what it really is. In my little time spent towards finding about consciousness, this is how I see it. Consciousness is a holistic act of knowing self and what gives rise to this self and how this self is related to the environment around it. Consciousness is a thought and belief that binds the self with the world. In the exploration of this thought and belief what you observe is reality of Self or True Reality.

Living in true reality is as much an art and discipline as much as a science. We are not conditioned to live with our Conscious turned ON all the time; we live in a state of mindfulness which can be seen as a precursor or a subset of consciousness and this subset state of consciousness makes it difficult to perceive reality in its true form. There is a discipline to be learned to effectively make the most clear of your Reality. The interesting part is that this discipline is an art of attuning ones mindfulness towards a disciplined consciousness.

Like most easy things in Life – they are easy – because they come from within i.e. the genesis of these things arise at intuitive level, this intuitive level is the plain of infinite creativity and consciousness. How do you tap into this intuitiveness, to be in a paradigm where the intuitiveness resides, you have to explore your self – This is not a psychological exploration, but it’s a journey towards a calm self. A calm self is a state where your mindfulness is in rest giving a chance to your consciousness to blossom out. This can be achieved through meditation or silence of your mind. The prerequisite to state of calm self is that your mindfulness ‘is aware-not active’ while you are trying to transcend towards a state of consciousness. Through practice and patience the aim should be to achieve that state repeatedly and once there, let your mindfulness be aware of your consciousness. It’s in the silence of consciousness that you will be able to find reality of Self or True RealityImage


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